Setting Up

Watch tutorial videos how to use the Setting Up features of Xero – cloud accounting software

With a Little Help From our Friends

If you love the idea of Xero accounting software, but need help to make the switch, why not chat to your accountant or a certified advisor to see how they can help? We also have conversion partners, who can do the hard work for you. Don’t let the old way of accounting slow you down any longer. Switching is easier than you think – and if you need a little help from our friends, they’ll make switching to Xero even easier.

Entering Conversion Balances

When you switch to Xero, you may have account balances from your accountant or old accounting software to bring forward as your opening financial position. We call these “”conversion balances””. This video tutorial shows you how to enter and confirm these balances so they reflect in your financial reporting in Xero.

Importing Sales & Purchases

If you have unpaid or partially-paid invoices or bills, you can easily transfer them to Xero accounting software when you switch over. The process to import sales invoices or purchase bills is very similar – this video tutorial shows you how to import sales invoices.

Importing Contacts

When you switch to Xero, it’s helpful to keep your supplier and customer contact information from your old accounting system. This video tutorial shows you how to import these contacts in to Xero accounting software in no time at all.

Importing Chart of Accounts

When you create a new organisation in Xero, you can choose a default Chart of Accounts and do some tweaking, or import your own existing version. This video tutorial gives you a closer look at importing your custom Chart of Accounts. It also shows you how to change the option you chose during setup, if you need to.

Overview of Importing

When you start out with Xero accounting software, there may be information that you need to bring across from your old accounting system. This lets you carry on with day-to-day processing and ensures your accounts are set up correctly. Xero lets you import data automatically to save you from manual entry. This video tutorial gives an overview of how you can import your information into Xero accounting software.

Full Setup Guide Walk-through

This video tutorial walks through the setup guide for Xero accounting software. The step-by-step process shows you how to make a full conversion to Xero – from your old accounting software, paper-based accounts, or if you’re a new businesses starting from scratch.

The Quick Start Guide

This tutorial gives a quick overview of how to set up your business or a new organisation in Xero accounting software. Once you’ve made the switch to Xero, you can be up and running within minutes – and it’s a pleasure doing business.

Switching to Xero

“Switching to Xero” is a series of instructional videos on how to make the switch from your old accounting software to Xero. With Xero, switching is a breeze – take a look at the video above to find out why.

Restarting an organisation in Xero

In Xero accounting software, there is a way to create a new organisation and delete an old one. However, we recommend avoiding this if you can. This video tutorial runs through some questions you should ask yourself before starting over and what to do if you decide to proceed.

Delete an Organisation (for Businesses)

Xero accounting software customers can delete a trial or active organisation from their My Xero Home page. This video tutorial shows you how to do it using step-by-step instructions.

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