Frequently Asked Questions

At TaxSmart Solutions, our experienced staff of friendly tax professionals is dedicated to providing you the highest quality tax preparation services while getting you all the tax credits and deductions you deserve.

Who is TaxSmart Solutions? Are you a franchise?

TaxSmart Solutions is a virtual bookkeeping and tax preparation service. Our founder, Bianca Bonilla, has been doing bookkeeping for small businesses for more than a decade. She spent 10 years at H&R Block, so she knows tax. We have an office in downtown Santa Ana, CA so you may visit us in person if you like. We are not a franchise.

How do you compare to H&R Block?

We offer the same guarantees as H&R Block {link to guarantees} but we are a better choice if you’re seeking affordable tax preparation.

  • We’re cheaper than H&R Block
  • We’re a more personal option. You’ll work with the same person instead of the random person assigned to work with you this year.
  • We’re open all year. You can talk to an experienced tax professional all year.
  • We do our work virtually. You can submit your documents online so there’s no need to spend hours at our office while your taxes are done.
  • We’re experienced tax professionals. The chains can’t say that about all of their employees.
Can I drop off my documents?

Yes! You can bring your documents by our office in person or submit them online. No need to wait while we prepare your tax return.

Do I have to stay while you prepare my taxes?

No, we appreciate that your time is valuable. You can drop off your documents or submit them online, and we’ll contact you when everything is done.

Do you do rapid refunds?

Yes! We offer Refund Anticipation Checks. You can pay our fees with your refund.

Do I need to wait until I can file my return with the IRS to have my taxes prepared

No. You don’t need to wait to have your taxes prepared. We can prepare returns NOW! then we’ll file your taxes electronically as soon as the IRS will allow. Having your taxes prepared early will allow you to avoid the rush at filing time. Plus, you can be sure your taxes will be filed as soon as the IRS allows.

Do I need to wait until I have my W-2(s) when coming in?

We can calculate your refund using your final pay check stub. Then your return will be ready for us to file with the IRS as soon as we get your W-2(s).

Do I need an appointment or can I walk in?

The choice is yours. We recommend appointments if you want to avoid a wait. You can also simply drop off your documents and we’ll call you when your tax return is ready.

What does it cost to have TaxSmart prepare my return?

We are proud to say our fees are guaranteed to be at least $50 less than the national chains (H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Instant Tax, and Liberty Tax). That applies to either this years’ quote or last years’ actual fee including bank charges, if applicable.

Our fees start at $49.99 for 1040EZ and get CA540 EZ filed FREE!

Additional charges may apply depending on the complexity of your tax return. We’ll be happy to give you a quote before we start your tax return.

How does TaxSmart Solution’s low price guarantee work?

Just bring in your receipt from last years return and we will guarantee that our fees will be at least $50 less than the national chains.

I’m concerned about Identity Theft. Is my personal information safe?

Yes. At TaxSmart Solutions, we use secure software and electronically file your return(s) directly to the IRS and State.

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