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What is cloud accounting?

The accounting software is on a remote server instead of being installed on a particular computer. Transactions are processed on the remote server, then sent back to you. This means you can access your books anywhere using any device, even your phone or tablet, wherever you have an internet connection.

Is my information secure in the cloud?

It’s actually safer in the cloud than on the server in your office. All transactions are encrypted and password protected. And you don’t have to worry about losing your data if your server crashes or in case of backups that don’t work, or theft, fire or flood. Personal information like social security numbers is safe from hackers.

Why should I move bookkeeping to the cloud?

Cloud accounting software can connect with your bank and credit cards and update information automatically. You no longer have to enter every receipt or bill manually. Automatic updates mean your books are updated in real time and the numbers are accurate. No more dropping off a pile of receipts and bank statements with your bookkeeper and then waiting a week or more for financials so you can see how you did last month. With better information, you can make better decisions.

How does the cost compare?

Cloud accounting operates on a subscription basis. You pay for what you need. These systems can grow and change with your business, so you’re never stuck with outdated software or a server that’s too small.
Since all your data is stored in the cloud, you don’t need to buy an expensive server or high-powered desktop computers. Backups and updates are done automatically. And if your computer crashes or gets stolen, you can be up and running as soon as you log in again from another device.

Are you cloud ready?


We make it easy for you to do your taxes

For tax preparation, you can submit all your documents online, so there’s no need to come to our office to drop things off. No need to spend hours waiting in the office while your tax return is prepared.


We’re more personal than the chains

You’ll work with the same professional instead of the random person the chain assigns to work with you.


We’re open all year

Unlike the chains which close down after April 15, we’re open all year. You can have a conversation with a tax professional anytime you need it.


We embrace technology to make your life easier

We can still have a conversation but it can happen online so you never have to leave your office. We seek out technology solutions that make your life easier. You’re still welcome to visit us in person, but it’s not required.


We offer bookkeeping

We want to be a one-stop shop for your small business. Your life will be simpler when you turn your bookkeeping over to us. Peace of mind that your books and taxes are done right.


We guarantee our work

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

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