Setting & Maintenance

Watch tutorial videos how to use the Setting & Maintenance features of Xero – cloud accounting software

Changing your Login Email

You can change the email address you use to log in to Xero accounting software at any time. Simply click on your name in the top corner and go to ‘Account’. Once you reach the Account Settings screen, click ‘Edit’ on the email section, and update your email address. You’ll need to enter your password to enable the ‘Change Email’ button. Xero will send a confirmation email to the new email address, with an activation link, which will need to be clicked on within 10 days. Here you can also cancel the confirmation, or resend it. If you do change your login address, be aware your login will be changed for each of your organisations. Unless you have previously changed them, your billing email and reply-to address will also be updated. If you need to, you can change your billing email address in My Xero, under Subscriptions and Billing, and your reply-to address in your organisation’s General Settings under Email Settings. Check out this video tutorial for a demo of how it’s done!

Maintain Billing & Subscriptions

This video tutorial shows you how to manage your payment details, billing details and your account in Xero accounting software.

Xero for invoice-only users

The Dashboard in Xero accounting software is the starting point for all we do in Xero. This video gives you a quick tour of the Xero Dashboard for invoice-only users.

The Xero to Xero network

If your suppliers or customers also use Xero accounting software, you can all save time by using the Xero to Xero network. This video tutorial shows you how to send and receive invoices and bills to be sent between these organisations, reducing data entry time and costs, and making business more efficient all around.

Export From Xero

Xero accounting software integrates with WorkflowMax Practice Manager to provide a single ledger solution. This video tutorial shows financial advisers how to export a full general ledger out of Xero, using the export function to import into another system.

Configure Email Settings

Email Settings allows you to specify the display name and reply-to address when you send emails from Xero accounting software. This video tutorial shows you how to update your settings and make sure your reply-to email works for your organization.

Contacts Advanced Tutorial

It’s easy to add and manage your contacts in Xero accounting software. This video tutorial shows you how to add the companies and/or people you’ve done business with based on your Xero transactions. You can: – add a contact while entering sales invoice or purchase bill – edit a contact address from a saved invoice – set up a contact from the contact tab – edit contact details from the contacts page – look at contacts who are both customers and suppliers – add a discount and currency default to a contact – add bank account details and invoice branding to a contact – merge duplicate contacts.

Advanced Invoice Branding Using Docx Templates

Xero accounting software lets you fully customise and design your Xero templates using docx (MS Word) branding themes. This video tutorial shows you how to create, design, edit, and upload your own docx invoice template using MS Word.

Invoice Branding Using Standard Themes

With Xero accounting software, it’s easy to create professional-looking invoice template in a matter of minutes. This video tutorial runs through how to: – add your business logo and other company details – add a footer message such as remittance details – creating new branding themes to be used for quotes.

Setup Payment Terms

Xero accounting software gives you options for applying payment terms to your bills and invoices. It’s a great way to save time by cutting down data entry and to ensure that the due dates on all of your bills and invoices are correct. This video tutorial shows you how to: – set up default bill and sales invoice payment terms – use automatic sequencing for invoice and credit note numbers – set up payment terms for a specific customer only.

Manage Inventory Items

If you have products and services you buy and sell regularly, you can make data entry easier and faster using Inventory Items in Xero accounting software. This is a great way to track how many items you’ve bought and sold over time. This video tutorial shows you how to: – create a new inventory item – edit and delete an existing item – import bulk items using a template CSV file – export an inventory item list.

Setup Email templates

Email templates are a great way to save time when you email sales invoices, credit notes, statements or remittance advices directly from Xero accounting software. This video tutorial shows how to use the statement template to: – set up and edit an email template – insert placeholders on existing or new templates – delete unused templates.

Connect Square to Xero

When you connect Square to Xero accounting software, they sync daily. This means your previous day’s card and cash sales, refunds, fees, tax and tips are all brought into Xero for you and correctly accounted for. So how does it work? Well, as your card and cash deposits reach your bank, Xero keeps your balances up-to-date, showing you what’s still due to come in. Square card and cash sales come into Xero and generate an invoice with all the elements coded to the correct accounts and a payment applied from the designated clearing accounts. These are not ‘real’ payments – they are accounting entries that Xero uses to keep your Square clearing account and cash clearing account balanced. When the actual payments from Square arrive in your bank account, a bank rule is automatically applied. This codes those amounts to the Square clearing account to clear it back down when your reconcile the transaction. When you deposit your cash takings, simply create a ‘receive money’ transaction and code it to the cash clearing account to clear that amount. If you ever want to cross-reference what Square owes you, or how much cash you have not yet deposited, just take a look at the clearing accounts on the balance sheet. This balance should reflect what’s still due to come in. Check out the full video to learn more about the integration between Square and Xero and how to set it up.

Files in Xero Advanced

Uploading files into Xero is a game-changing feature – it lets you store and attach your source documents to your financial data, right within your accounting software. This video tutorial shows you how to work the finer details of uploading, attaching, storing and deleting files into Xero.

Tracking in Xero

Use tracking to review and compare different areas of your organisation, and improve your reporting. Tracking may also reduce the number of accounts in your chart of accounts, as tracking removes the need for duplicate accounts across different business areas. Learn how this feature can improve your reporting capability for your business. To find out more about reporting in Xero check out

Managing contacts

Over time, your list of customers, suppliers and contacts will grow. To keep things organised, your accounting software can become the central hub for all your business connections. This video tutorial shows you how to use the Contacts function in Xero.

Chart of Accounts

With desktop accounting software, accountants and their clients typically work from separate systems and separate ledgers – even for the same business! Now with Xero’s single ledger, both accountants and their clients can access the same set of data in the cloud for a real-time view of the business financials. This video tutorial takes a closer look at the backbone of the single ledger in Xero – the Chart of Accounts.

Adding New Users

With Xero accounting software, multiple users can access the same set of data in the cloud at the same time, from any device. This video tutorial shows you how to invite new users and set up the appropriate level of access.

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